The Start of Spring

We are approaching our favourite time of year on the farm: lambing season.  This is not just because we love our new arrivals, but because they mark the start of spring and the beginning of our 2015 season. It feels like it has been a long winter and now that the days are getting longer we are looking forward to welcoming our visitors back to our new-look farm.

You will have noticed that our website has a totally new look. It’s packed with information all about the farm, including what we do, how you can get involved and the special events that are going on. We hope that you like the look of it and that you’ll find it easy to use.

The website is not the only part of the farm that’s had a face lift.

A lot has been going on whilst we have been closed for the winter months; we’ve been making the most of the time by making improvements all over the farm.  We’ve been painting, tidying, fixing and generally sprucing up all the areas, including the café.

Our opening kicks off with the most popular activity we offer: lamb cuddling. This is an experience that all children (and their parents) remember for ever, so cameras are essential. Our new-borns are so well behaved and affectionate, it’s an occasion not to be missed.

As always, we have piglets galore and we’re hoping for baby bunnies too.  You’ll have many chances throughout the week to help feed the pigs and goats and collect the eggs from the chickens. If this isn’t enough, the Baylham Farm treasure hunt is back with clues to take you around the farm and prizes to be won.  For the first weekend, all visitors can come to the farm for only £3 per person.

As of the 14th of February, we will be open as usual until September. You can look at our opening times but make sure you note the dates for our Easter Speggtacular and the Naked Sheep Festival.

We’re really looking forward to welcoming everybody back to the farm for 2015 and hope to see you here soon.